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Holiday pictures already?!

20 Sep

Believe it or not, in the next month I will be scheduling our photo session for our Christmas pictures.  It feels like each year flies by faster than the last!  Luke and I have sent a photo Christmas card every year since we were married; this will be our 9th card.  I have been planning on framing them all together, then add to them year after year…that’s a project that hasn’t been completed (or even started) yet!  Once it is finally completed, I will post pics!

This is my favorite picture from last year’s photo session!  It looks like the baby is trying to eat her brother and sister, but she was really trying to give kisses!

Thanks Brandon for the great pictures!

Let the party begin!

16 Sep

Let the party begin! 

Landon decided on a Ninjago theme for his birthday party.  The party will be held at the dojo where he takes karate.  Unfortunately, there are no Ninjago party supplies…so I was forced to get creative.

Here are his invites…

And the juice boxes and water bottles…
Landon received his cake from a baker through

Happy little birthday ninja!

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